Cable Mess
Brotip: Cables like this should be cut one at a time to help identify what they connected! Protip: Don’t actually.

Welcome to the network engineer cave, there’s beer in the fridge!

If you frequently engage in the good battle of defending the network against all enemies, this website is intended to assist you in your endeavors. Blame the Network holds tools, resources, and frequent troubleshooting techniques you can refer back to 7 months from now when that one strange problem pops up again that you forgot how to solve because the last ticket got lost in a database corruption 4 power outages ago after that one cable was bitten into by a squirrel. Act like you haven’t heard of weirder things happening in IT. Exactly.

Network administration and engineering is hell… so sit back, learn, contribute, and for the love of all things great continue to defend the network; of course they’ll continue to blame it. God speed and may your coffee supply never run dry.

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