When deploying a new site, one of the first things you want to do is establish remote access so you can complete the configurations and support the device from off-site. For Brocade switches, there are a few basic commands required to establish remote SSH access.

Use the commands below to remotely connect to your Brocade switch. This assumes you already have either a VPN or firewall ports opened to allow you to SSH in remotely.

Commands to configure remote SSH Access on a Brocade Switch:
Switch#config t
switch(config)#username admin privilege 0 password secret123
switch(config)#aaa authentication login default local
switch(config)#ip address
switch(config)#crypto key generate rsa modulus 1024

To ensure Telnet is disabled for security purposes:
switch(config)#no telnet server

Lastly, to apply an ACL to limit who can SSH into the brocade switch:
switch(config)#ip access-list standard 1
switch(config)#remark SSH-Protection (Change the permit statement below to reflect your source ip/subnet)
switch(config)#sequence 10 permit
switch(config)#remark Default-Deny
switch(config)#sequence 20 Deny all
# The following line applies the previously configured access-list for inbouund SSH connections.
switch(config)#ip access-group 1

Keep in mind, if you are utilizing VLAN’s, you may need to add the following to the VLAN associated with your Management IP:
switch(config)#vlan 100 name MGMT by port
switch(config-vlan-100)#default-gateway 1