IP Address Management Software

What is this? BlameTheNetwork is currently developing an in-house IP Address Management software for network architects, engineers, and administrators. The premise is simple, the software used in daily activities needs to be developed by someone who understands what it should provide, with input from other industry professionals.


The IPAM software, currently nameless in title, may not be the end all solution for everyone, but the intent is to custom sculpt as closely as possible to the requests from the networking community a toolset that will hopefully fit the needs of many.

If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this small piece of the internet, please have a look at the work in progress and leave feedback. Below I will be updating my ongoing list of changes, improvements, current and future extensions, and inevitably bug reports to be addressed.

Demo Status: Not Public at this time. Alpha demo coming after some more work is complete on the front end. Backend construction is currently in limbo of a few database architectures.

Ongoing Task List: (Not necessarily in order of precedence.)

  1.  New term for “Division”….  “Site”, “Location”, “Node”, “Customer”, make it customizable in Admin Panel??
  2.  Clean up Subnets/All Subnet views to a cleaner look (reference NIPAP for inspiration, they did a very nice job.)
  3.  Display IP blocks per subnet? (A whole new page would be too slow IMO, perhaps a lightbox popup AJAX of a thinned out page with some metrics up top and a scrollable table/cells of addresses?    Search capability of this?!? )
  4.  Add “Unassigned/Assigned/Reserved/DHCP” field to Subnets as a whole as well as individual addresses.  Icons/Colors)
  5.  DATABASE CHOICE AND DESIGN (backend time. MySQL/Postgres/Apache Cassandra…  If it’s not MySQL, I need to custom roll either a linux kernel for this to ride on, or custom roll XAMPP/LAMPP or some install. Most could probably read documentation to get postgres working, but I would like to have this thing self-sustained without too much side work to install other than an install.php file that sets up the DB connection. Lots to think about here….
  6. Reassign networks to other sites (easily done if I link Key’s between tables correctly.)
  7. More Tables (AS #’s, VLANs, etc. | Was initially my documents intent, but perhaps I can extend a new page with these)
  8. Links next to IP’s in table with frequent control icons…. ex: a SSH:// link to open putty,  a ping ability, ???)

Initial Closing Tasks:

  1. Benchmark Speed Tests against other IPAMs.
  2. Security Test (enlist help of other dev’s and open source the code.)

Future Extensions in Development: (Due to the extensive coding some will take, a few will likely be released after initial download availability as packages that will update key components, such as navigation and database tables to add the extension’s functionality. These should be able to be applied without any interruption or change of live data.)

  1.  Documents (Currently built out to an extent, need to add tag/folder integration tightly, perhaps on a per site basis, and include a “hide/show” option for this feature in the Administrative console.
  2.  Voice (Current plan, Dial Plans with regex and what path they take, Used DN’s (possibly, however most PBXs already do this well, and updating manually would be a pain, IMO.)
  3.  Asset Inventory Management (serials, locations, etc. Not too much like IOS version as manual updates always lead to non-sync’d data.)
  4. MSP (BGP… I need to bring in a good third party knowledge reference for this one. Will reach out to Reddit on a good layout).
  5.  Maps Inline (Solarwinds NPM baby brother? or at least static maps generated in PHP?  This may be over my programming ability honestly, and will likely be a “long term” goal.)

COMPLETED: (It’s about damn time.)

  1. Initial reach out to Networking community for feedback on desired capabilities over competitive platforms.
  2. Video preview of initial front end for discussion of components and UI.
  3.  Identify means of clean, robust table searching, sorting, and exporting (DataTables).