NetBlame – Network Monitoring Linux Distro

NetBlame V1 has been released! Download the OVA below, login with netroot//toorten and find documentation on the desktop.

NetBlame Preview and Overview Video:

What is NetBlame?

NetBlame is a free Linux based network management distro with the intent of providing a centralized location for common network monitoring capabilities. At the root of the project, it’s simply a Linux distro compiled with multiple open source software tools into one operating system. The installation and configuration of these tools and their web interfaces is already taken care of for you, and NetBlame provides a good foundation for quick deployment of a network management OS.

The distro is ideal for home lab or small network monitoring and management needs, and is completely free to download and install. The OS is provided as an .OVA for easy integration into (now common) virtualized environments. NetBlame provides everything from monitoring status of network/servers, to running a voice network, even down to testing new topologies with GNS3 and documenting diagrams with DIA. Download and deploy this OVA today to start taking control of your network.


Current Features and Capabilities


  • Centralized Web Interface for management of many tools.
  • Monitoring – LibreNMS (Observium Fork with good support)
  • VOIP/PBX – FreePBX and Asterisk. Many modules are already installed such as automated voice attendant, wake up calls, extension reporting, call groups, etc.
  • SYSLOG Daemon – Syslog-NG with a web interface for easy log queries.
  • AAA – FreeRadius comes installed. Configuration is still required for full functionality.
  • Configuration Management – Rancid
  • NETFLOW / Traffic Analysis – NTOP and WIRESHARK
  • Visibility Tools – Zenmap/NMAP, EtherApe, Wireshark, Nessus
  • Network Testing – HPING3, SCAPY, NETCAT, GNS3, DIA
  • More Features in development…



Download NetBlame (.ova ESXi VM)

LINK1 (BlameTheNetwork): [ddownload id=”568″]

LINK2 (KevinACrider): [ddownload id=”569″] 

Special thanks to /u/WDKevin for the additional hosting. Check out his site at and donate bitcoin to: 15LgWLCArHYKV5gAhs2o4r5Wnt8BnuG4ct to support his hosting effort.
MD5 CHECKSUM (NetBlame-OS.ova file, not .7z): 82fa181d07213198c78e8439489eb088
Build Version: 1.0
Codename: AllAboutThatBaseline
Release 08162015 – VM Version 8
ESXi Built From: v5.1.0  2 vCPU’s, 2048MB RAM (Can Be Adjusted)

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Additional Information: 


  • Initial login credentials for the OS:  netroot//toorten 
  • Distro tested clean on ESXi v 5.1.0 1065491 / Provisioned with 2 vCPU’s, 2048MB Ram.
  • Documentation and login credentials are provided locally on the OS. Check the DOCUMENTATION folder on netroot user’s desktop. 
  • There are remnants of the isolated test lab it was built in under NTOP and SYSLOG. Those will flush out with regular use as newer data enters.
  • Be careful with upgrades to the kernel and various operating system components. With this many services running on one box, there are a lot of dependencies installed on the linux kernel, and small changes to those may result in the services functioning abnormally or breaking altogether. 
  • It may be a good idea to take a snapshot of your build prior to making any drastic changes to ensure you have a good baseline to revert to.
  • Enjoy the project!