NetBlame OS – Centralized Network Management

Introduction and Overview of NetBlame available below the preview video.

Introduction to NetBlame

The final touches are being placed on NetBlame, with the anticipated release of version 1 this week. NetBlame derives it’s name from the long running IT joke that every outage or issue can be blamed on the network. As network administrators and engineers, having a vast set of tools for monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities allows you to successfully provide metrics and defend the network. Not defend the network as in keep hackers at bay, though visibility does increase awareness of those events. Rather, defend the network as in “Here’s a log showing the reason for the saturation is actually because of these updates being pushed to the remote office.” Everything you need is available on the OS all in one location, and a central web interface allows easy management of some of the most used services. Documentation is included on the OS of each service installed as well as associated user accounts. The intent for NetBlame is to provide a home lab solution for network (and to some extent server) management, however it can be utilized however you apply it. Tweak and install your own tools if they aren’t covered, or suggest them for future builds. NetBlame takes out some of the dirty work digging through config files and installing packages so you can get back to managing the network.

Happy Networking!