NetPi 2 Update (Beta Release)

NetPi 2 Update (Beta Release)

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New Version Released For Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Boards! Click Here!


NetPi Raspberry Pi 2 Update

See the original release guide:

Read First: In this release, the NetPi OS works on Pi 2 with LCD displays, but the touch function broken. Asking for community support in restoring touch functionality as I’ve exhausted most online resources to attempt fixes.

Release Notes:

  • Touch functionality is not currently working. You will still receive output to the Touch screens, and I have been able to boot this image on multiple LCD’s, from the JBtek 4″ to the Eleduino 3.5″ screens. We are requesting support from any users who can set this image up to identify what fix will restore touch capability which is lost during the kernel upgrade. Please email or comment!
  • Same toolset as the Raspberry Pi B+ model image of NetPi currently. More features will be coming, but emphasis had to be placed on releasing an image compatible with the newer board first.

If you want to upgrade your B+ NetPi image to the Raspberry Pi 2 board:

  1. modify your /boot/config.txt  with ‘sudo vi /boot/config.txt’ or ‘sudo nano /boot/config.txt’ and add the following to the end of the file: ‘dtparam=spi=on’
  2. sudo apt-get update
  3. sudo apt-get upgrade
  4. sudo REPO_URI= rpi-update
  5. Reboot the system ‘sudo reboot’

You now should be able to move the SD card from a b+ board over to a Pi 2 board and boot with the display and NetPi interfaces. Again, touch is not functioning with this process, and will also break it on the Pi b+ board. However the upgrade is required to change kernel versions and allow the OS to work on the Pi 2 board.

The NetPi 2 image can be downloaded here:

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    • NewUser

      Followed this guide and was bummed to see the touch doesn’t work. Has anyone found a way? Thanks.

  • Elijah

    I was wondering if any progress has been made getting touch functionality to work?

  • Gene

    PI 2 not working at all with the 7″ touchscreen LCD. I will be checking into it.

  • Ben

    Will this work with and hdmi touch screen? Has anyone tried??

  • Joe Sanchez

    Looking for any updates on this awesome project.

  • Jon

    ANy particular 3.5″ screen that is compatible with this build?

    • Syntax Errors

      It wouldn’t be too hard to incorporate any 3.5in screen based on their particular drivers and a few modifications done via SSH or using an HDMI cable until completed. I don’t know currently what’s new out there in the world of touch screens. I’ll be playing that game shortly as I work to rebuild the project on the Pi 3 board. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance Jon!

  • James

    I’m not seeing any activity on this thread that is more recent than the last year. Just wondering if this project has ended or if there is any further development. I ask because I’m trying to get netpi running on a Pi 3 and it simply isn’t going any further than the initial test screen. I’m not even seeing an initial boot. Is there a chance of netpi running on a Pi 3.

    • Syntax Errors

      Hello James! Pi 3 build is something I’m working on right now. Work/Course work limits the free time one has for projects like this, so I apologize on the limited updates.

  • Francisca

    Hi. I’m using a pi 2. Does this work in a regular screen? (Not a touch screen)

    • Syntax Errors

      It should, yes… so long as the distro supports the screen. I’m working on a Pi3 release with touch capability… just strapped for time currently as this is a side project.

      • Dustin Memoli

        Any update on a Pi3 release with touch capability?
        Id settle for a Pi2 release also O:-)

        Cheers s, this isn’t my specialty.

      • Glenn

        Any luck with your pi3 edition and will it support a 1Gbit network

  • KnC

    I am getting close. I just have to figure out how to get rid of the JBTek display drivers. I get X to start on the adafruit display, but it kernel panics shortly after it displays X.

    This post was extremely helpful…

  • OscarP

    i was not getting past the “Led pin not set” error until I managed to write on /boot/cmdline.txt fbcon=map 01. It continues loading some other things, then when it finishes loading I get a blackscreen on HDMI

    • OscarP

      I managed to have it running on the HDMI but not on the LCD, I only have the console on the screen. Im using the Adafruit TFT 480×320.

  • Randolph Arendsz

    Hi All
    I am trying to use it with my RPI 2 but without any success. I am using a HDMI to VGA Interface . I Can clearly see the whole booting process but when it finish booting I just get a black screen and an _ nothing else I don’t see any interface appearing can anybody help me on this one.

    Thanks In advance

  • MichaelS

    Anyone got this working on Raspberry Pi 3 using the Official 7″ Touch Screen?

  • Jeff

    Any update on this project I see it has not move on for a while. I would like to implement it on a Raspberry PI 3 Model B. I have downloaded the Image and it does not boot. I don’t have an old version Raspberry PI to load the image onto to update. So I would either need the NetPi Software image to install or a Raspberry PI 3 Model B version of the image. I would like to try this software as it looks cool if I can’t I am working on using the FPROBE tool to create Flow data I can then analyse on a centre system. I am using the Raspberry PIs as they can overlay into a network without affecting the existing monitoring. This allows me to put them on networks to analyse network data as a short term consultancy without impacting the network long term.

  • John

    Any luck with the PI3 version. I am wanting to build these and send them out to my employees.

  • Deano

    Just wondering if this project is now dead, is it worth me trying to get this to function or is it still broken? It seems like a really great project and is something I am looking for.

  • sam

    i was wondering if there was any update on this for rPi3? I just came across your project and really want to play with it.

    Thanks Sam

  • Joseph Hayhoe

    I have cloned the original scripts and setup files and built a image that works with the raspberry pi 3 with touchscreen support. You can get this image at the following link (16GB Microsd img file):

    You can setup your SD card with this image using Win32 Disk Imager on windows or using dd on Mac/Linux.

    The password for the pi/root user is “netpi” (without quotes)

  • David Stalvey

    Any plans for a PI # version? I would love to use this tool at work and there is no way I can personally afford a FLUKE.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Syntax Errors

      Hi there! I’ve got a release ready for the Pi 3 B+. If you have the hardware, email me @ and I’ll send you the link to test it out for me. I’ll be publishing it live with a new blog post in the coming days, I just need some beta testers.

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