NetPi Plus – Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Network Analyzer

NetPi Plus – Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Network Analyzer

NetPi Plus Build Guide

Introduction to NetPi Video:

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Network Analyzer

Are you new here? Here’s what NetPi Plus is all about…

NetPi Plus is a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ project building on an earlier release attempting to build a network analyzer with comparable features to commercial solutions which can range over $1500. The project is open source, released under the GNU GPLv3 license. It runs on cheap hardware (the raspberry pi platform), and provides a large range of tools for network professionals and those new to the field. At this point, it likely is NOT a solution to replace a commercial product if it’s use would require guaranteed stability. It is, however, a fun project to get up and running, and can very likely be used in a home lab, school, hobby, or alongside a backup solution in commercial environments. What’s New? The Pi 3 B+ has a faster processor, and POE support (which I can’t use because it requires a hat which blocks the GPIO pins needed for the touch screen. The new NetPi Plus loads in about 18 seconds compared to 2 minutes for the previous versions.

Already familiar with the NetPi? Jump into the build guide below…

Current Features and Capabilities [checklist]

  • CDP / LLDP – Neighbor Details from NetPi’s ethernet port
  • DIA Diagram Software – Build Topologies
  • Ping/Trace/Speed Test – Reports saved on every scan to access later
  • Wireshark / Wireless Scanner / Zen Map – Built in Pen Test toolkit
  • Remote Administration – Via VNC and SSH
  • More Features in development…


Ads to keep the packets flowing:

Build Guide

Ensure you read the supporting information below. If you would like to attempt to build this project without the provided IMG file, scripts and files (minus the OS – Raspbian) are available on the GitHub Repo. Keep in mind there are many battles to fight with Debian permissions to get everything tweaked just right.

Image File Download:
(1.5GB – Use 7zip to uncompress)

[button color=”green” size=”medium” align=”none” style=”lessround” target=”_blank” link=”″ ]Dropbox Download[/button]

[button color=”green” size=”medium” align=”none” style=”lessround” target=”_blank” link=”” ]Google Drive Download[/button]

[ddownload id=”30494″]

[7-31-2018 Update] The image has been released. Tested on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ boards with the hardware identified in this build guide. If download links fail, be patient and let me know in the comments. Dropbox and Google Drive should be faster than the version hosted internally.

Details: Build V1.0 | Codename: Lightning | Release: 07312018

Hardware Used:


  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Board (With Case): AMAZON LINK – $54 – REQUIRED  OR…. Pi 3 B+ Board without case AMAZON LINK$40
  • 8 GB SanDisk MicroSD HC: AMAZON LINK – $6 – REQUIRED (Not necessarily this card, and size CAN vary, but it must be supported by the Raspberry Pi B+ (or 2 if you are using that board) as compatibility issues with MicroSD’s and the Pi is a real issue. See:  (NetPi uses Debian (Wheezy) as a Base OS)
  • Kuman 3.5in LCD Touch Panel: AMAZON LINK$30 – REQUIREDish* (Primarily to make the device self-sustainable. *You can use the devices HDMI port and opt to NOT get this touch screen depending on your use (home lab, etc.). Future updates should allow easier remote control via a web interface. You may also VNC into the NetPi
  • Ethernet PoE Splitter (802.3af): AMAZON LINK$11 – REQUIREDish* (Allows for a more mobile build… but you need switches with PoE ports, else opt for a USB Battery for power).
  • USB Battery Charger: OPTIONAL – If you’d rather keep your NetPi Plus on without an Ethernet POE splitter, or for environments without PoE Switches.
  • FAVI Micro USB Keyboard: AMAZON LINK $14 – OPTIONAL – This keyboard is perfect if you need to do any typing (The Pi can use a USB to Serial and console into network devices)… However primary developed features should not require extensive typing, and an on-screen keyboard is opened in such cases automatically.
  • Total without optional parts: Between $87 – 101. Shop around and you may find cheaper parts!


Additional Information: 


  • Assemble hardware components of your build.
  • Download the latest NetPi Plus IMG file. Ensure you read any brief release notes.
  • Burn the IMG to your SD Card using “Win32DiskImager” which can be found free online. Ensure you select the right Drive letter, the NetPi image, and select “write” to format the drive.
  • Insert MicroSD card into your hardware. Power on via USB cable power source.
  • NetPi will load into the operating system. You may now open Active / Stealth / Pen Test interfaces and begin.
  • Enjoy!



OS Access Details:
Main user account: Username: pi // Password: netpi
VNC Login: Connect To: [IP]:0  //  Password: netpi
SSH Login: Username: pi // Password: netpi

Photos of Build Components I Used



[accordion title=”Current Build”]NetPi Plus V1.0 – Codename: Lightning [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Feature Roadmap”]
– Review requested features coming in via Twitter, Comments, and Reddit.
– Update functions to be more self sustaining in web based format for easier remote use.
– Await feedback on Bugs / User reports.
– Updates to feature roadmap coming soon.


[accordion title=”Bug Fixes”]- Links to bug fixes and patches will be posted here as they are developed.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Contribute”]

Contribute on GitHub:

Donate to the beer fund if you like this project and want more:


All custom developed scripts licensed under GNU GPL V3. Please provide attribution, but modify as you would like! Like The Project? Share this on Twitter or your social media platform of choice!


Like The Project? Share this on Twitter or your social media platform of choice!

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  • Nigel Melanson

    Issues with a original PI3
    I am having issues with the original PI3 not the B with this image that when I click on either the Stealth mode or active mode the network card will then disconnect and I loose the VNC session. It seems to keep flapping like this. Can this image be used with the original Pi3?

    • Syntax Errors

      If it’s operational on the 3 (non-B) and either the touchscreen is working or you’re not utilizing it… that’s a solid start. Regarding the VNC connections dropping, it should be noted that the “Stealth mode” actually places some iptable rules in an attempt to prevent CDP/LLDP/Broadcast traffic from leaving the device to prevent the network devices from “hearing” the NetPi once connected. I’ll take a look at those iptable rules and make sure nothing slipped by me (most of the leg work on that task was during the previous generation of this project).

      • Archillies the Old


        Just wanted to thank you for the update, I am building this for am old workmate’s birthday present. He’s going to love having one of his own. I recently retired and when I left wouldn’t leave mine

        I appreciate your sharing this project.

  • Michael

    I am not able to get this working on Pi3 B+ using the official 7″ touch display… ( It won’t boot past rc-local.service.

  • Krzychu

    I have a problem with evry window ( wireshark for example). Its oversized I cant fit it into screen. I use vnc client

  • Krzychu

    I have a problem with version on pi3B+. When i’m using netpi with VNC, aplication window like wireshark is oversized. Can’t fit it.

  • Thomas Stalzer

    Official 7″ Touchscreen (LCD) supported?

    Hi – I really like your project. I am trying to get to work with the official 7″ Touchscreen (not HDMI but LCD).

    I get the startup with the NetPi Logo, however after that it just hangs. Do you any tips, ideas, recommendations?

    Thanks – Thomas

  • George

    My pi seems to hang on boot when starting systemd-user-sessions.service
    Any thoughts?

  • Chad

    Hi Syntax,

    This look fantastic! Thanks for all your work, I can’t wait to have a play.
    Because of this, I’ve decided to build one of these for myself; figured I’d get the software working on a Pi I had laying around while I wait for the touchscreen etc to arrive.

    You’ll probably laugh at this but I’m basically stumped before I’ve even started!. I’ve downloaded your image, written it to an SD the same way I’ve done hundreds of times with Win32Diskimager and put it in the Pi but nothing will load. I get a red power light but no other activity lights, it’s as if the SD has no files on it.

    Obviously I tried again and used the GoogleDrive link to download the 3rd time. Still no luck though.

    Its a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + however doesn’t have the touchscreen yet.

    Any ideas? Am I missing something simple?

    Thanks again!

  • George

    Hey, bought all the bits etc, got it booting but hangs on systemd-logind.service. Tried different micro sd cards etc but no luck. Any ideas on what it might be?

  • Aerodes

    I have an issue with Pi3. Pi3 is freezed showing NetPi+ image and this message: “Systemd-user-service.service.”

  • Lenny Shirley

    For some reason, I cannot get this image to boot on my Pi3B+…

    I’ve tried flashing the image with both Win32DiskImager and Etcher.

    It just keeps getting stuck on the initial NetPi screen.

    Any thoughts?

  • Prabhat

    Can it test ethernet loop

  • amir

    i only need the speed test , dia diagram and some topologies . is there any suggestion or how to edit to remove the unused part . since i need to make this netpi for my final year project

  • Colin Skuse

    iam haveing issues on a Pi 3 B+ where it hangs booting on rc-local.service

  • roman

    Hi, i try to install this on th PI3 untimate started kid but i wont boot, any idea what it can be ?

  • Gamerspy

    Hi, i use the image to a raspberry pi 3b+ with the sd card of 32gb with a 7″ screen but it gets stuck on boot. is there something i can do to fix it ?

  • Urzal

    Would like to know if this tool has an app to edit VLAN ID and DSCP… if not can it be implemented?

  • Monte

    I notice in the LLDP and CDP do not seem to show VLAN. Can that be adjusted?

  • Rev. Migraine Yourwheat


    After a bunch of time experimenting I’ve still not managed to boot it properly, any ideas?
    Most of the time it’s stuck on either systemd-user-sessions.service or rc-local.service.

    I’m using a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a Sandisk ultra 32GB SD card and I’m sort of at loss as to where it’s failing. Tried changing adapters, reflashing SD card multiple times, disconnecting peripherals, redownloaded image and burned it with both Rufus and win32DiskImager, but no change.

    SD card is new and I havn’t been able to try with another one, but aside from that I’ve got no idea what else to do.

    Ever encountered a similiar problem?

  • josh

    I flashed the image and it will not boot, it’s hanging at rc-local.service, has been there for 5+ minutes. I’m on an rpi-3 B, I ordered a B+ for tomorrow.. how long should the first boot take?

  • Dan Ross

    Not been able to load this yet. Burned several times and it just sits on a load command and never progresses.

  • Russell Seiler

    I can’t seem to get this to work on a pi3 B or pi3 b+, tried drop box and drive, win32diskimager and rufus on multiple sd cards. hangs on rc-local.service on boot. Rasbian worked on this setup. Ideas\workarounds?

  • Russell Seiler

    is the image corrupt, does not seem to be working from drive or dropbox?

  • DeshDe

    Great idea, unfortunately it does not start at all with my raspberry pi 3B+. First I thought it is about the screen, but even without, it gets no IP. Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance

  • Andre

    Okay so my NetPi wont boot. everytime it stops in the boot screen at the point “rc-local.service” (the service on which the gui freezes does variate). i can switch into tty mode but no gui pops up. i tried to apt get update & upgrade but nothing works.
    i am using the Pi 3 B+.

  • Craig Watt


    thanks for the great work, while the other engineers at work are using pocket Ethernet devices I wanted to try your distro.

    I ordered a printed case a juice hat and a screen, downloaded and flashed the image for the Pi 3 B+, the Pi booted into the OS and allowed me to click one of the icons and then froze, I have wiped and flashed the card again but no luck.

    also it would be cool if in the future you could somehow link it to a phone with an app.


  • Dave Hirst

    I want to Love this but as of today I can not get it to load on either a Pi2, P3 or Pi3+

    They all hand on rc-local.service and I don’t seem to be able to get past this point

    any assistance would be gratefully accepted

  • Rob Handyside

    Hi there, I am having some issues with the install. The install freezes during boot on ‘rc-local.service’

    This is a Pi3 B+ with 7″ Touchscreen.

    Is there an available solution for this fix?

  • Michael B

    Hi, great project.
    I have used the image listed above, and when booting, it hangs at the boot screen, with rc-localservice, and remains that way. I am using the Raspberry Pi 3+, with the official 7″ touchscreen. Even using a HDMI monitor has the same issue, and cannot get past it.

  • Tom

    Would it be worth trying this on a 4 yet?
    Can it do cable certification similar to a Fluke?

  • Tommy

    After I write the OS to the SD card and install it into the raspberry pi it will begin to load however it stops on rc-local.service and not go any further. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue ?

  • Missing Something

    The image download links no longer appear. Where can I get the image?

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