Networking References and Sites

Cheat Sheets / References: 

Packet Life Cheat Sheets – Protocols, Application, Syntax references… Packet Life covers it all.
Blame The Network Cheat Sheets
– IOS Embedded Packet Capture, Netflow reference, and more to come…

Podcasts / Videos:

Packet Pushers – Network oriented, hour long weekly podcasts bringing you a good range of topics to keep your mind sharp on cutting edge industry movements, and various other networking discussions. If you have a long commute, this will help keep your mind in the game instead of listening to the latest Justin Bieber song, or whatever crap is on the radio these days.

TechWiseTV – Cisco based video content on a broad range of networking topics.

Network Engineer Blogs:

Amy Engineer – “A network engineer in the trenches.” We’ve all felt that way. Typically every day, to be honest. I put Amy’s blog towards the top because I can’t even count how many times I’ve googled something (usually VOIP related) and stumbled onto a blog post from a battle she has already fought and documented. For that, engineers everywhere can be thankful!

Router Jockey – A collection of networking tools and blog posts from an engineer who apparently lives in the middle of nowhere surrounded by Corn Fields. Honestly, the blog has decent content given the author likely still having to use AOL minutes to upload new posts.

Networking Nerd – A regular on the Packet Pushers podcast, and avid Networking blogger website.

Packet Life – Jeremy provides a good range of network content, from blog posts to reference sheets.

Cert Chaser – A blog geared towards certification studies

Fry Guy’s Blog – An avid Ford vehicles fan who happens to blog in the networking realm. =P

Pilot Mike – As the name would allude, Mike has a passion for flying. When he’s not checking with the tower for clearance, his day job is that of a network engineer.

Packet Forwarding – Kim is a Denmark based network engineer who has been in the game for some time.

Lost In Transit – Daniel is a CCIE who started the blog on his studies, but continues to post networking content

Overlaid – A CCIE Datacenter engineers blog

Networking with Fish – Not as many fish as one might imagine, but a lot of good content to absorb. The author does happen to be a multiple CCIE holder and cisco champion.

CCIE or NULL – A long running blog since 2010 dedicated to the journey to CCIE.

Mostly Networks – 20 year IT professional’s personal blog discussing “mostly networks.”

Engineering Deathmatch – An interesting approach to sometimes mundane topics, Engineering Deathmatch pits two engineers against each other to complete a given networking task. Something about the loser gets decapitated. I heard it on the internet, it must be true.

Broadcast Storm – Another network engineer blog covering a range of topics.

80211 – A Wireless engineers blog. Not a topic typically dedicated to by bloggers, it’s nice to have a reference of someone who’s “been there, done that” with regards to wireless projects.


Want your blog or resource added to the list? Shoot me an email at oncall {at} this domain, and wire about $500 to an offshore bank account that I will provide you the details with. Kidding, totally kidding… just an email will suffice!